At other locations Fresh Gear will cost you around $30. We charge just $25 per set of gear (hockey, football, fire gear etc). We also have team and group rates available on a one time and scheduled basis. If you are interested in team or group rates contact

  What is ozone?

  • Ozone (O3) can be found as a naturally occurring gas in the upper atmosphere. It is often used as a safe (fda approved) but very powerful disinfectant (3,000 times faster than bleach). It:
  • Rapidly oxidizes bacteria it comes in contact with, then reverts safely back into oxygen (o2), making it one of the most environmentally friendly cleaning methods available.
  • Effectively deodorizes, disinfects, and destroys bacteria, fungi, allergens, and other odor-causing agents.
  • Has long been used in water treatment, food sterilization and medical therapies for its remarkable anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties.


How Does Ozone Kill Bacteria?

  • In the computer models shown below, we see how ozone works.
  • Ozone (o3), shown in green, comes into contact with the bacteria.
  • The 3rd oxygen atom in the ozone molecule is unstable and becomes absorbed by the bacteria.
  • That oxygen atom penetrates the bacteria cell wall.
  • Which leads to the complete destruction of the bacteria cell and only oxygen (o2) remains.
  • Unlike other treatments, fresh gear does not allow bacteria to mutate.


Is the process safe? 

  • In order to effectively kill bacteria and reduce odors, ozone needs to be used as a shock treatment. This requires high levels of ozone contained within a sealed environment, such as our stainless steel enclosure. 
  • The Fresh Gear machine is able to accomplish this, because we use a proprietary ozone destruction process that brings the ozone levels down to a safe level before the machine can be opened.


Where is it made? 

  • The Fresh Gear Cyclone and RSS are made in the United States. All of the components that go into it are made in the USA or Canada.

Has it been tested? 

  • Testing to determine bacteria kill rates with Fresh Gear, were conducted by GAP EnviroMicrobial Lab. Our tests are based on actual swabs from the INSIDE of sports gear, the toughest places for ozone to reach. 


  • Fresh Gear machines use a standard electrical outlet and require no special oils or consumables for operation. It is quite possibly the "greenest" cleaning machine available.